Monday, 8 December 2014

Fluent Editor 2014 R2 available for download - SPARQL, annotations, R language and more...

Second Release of the Fluent Editor 2014, a comprehensive ontology editor, is available for download now!

What’s new in this release:

  • Embedded SPARQL engine
  • Materialized Graph insight
  • OWL2-RL validation
  • OWL Annotations and SKOS
  • Protégé interoperability
  • R language package
  • R language plugins
  • Collaborative ontology management with Ontorion
  • Custom Reasoners
  • Performance improvements

Embedded SPARQL engine

You can explore your ontologies with SPARQL instantly with an embedded SPARQL engine. With one click your edited ontology will be materialized (using selected reasoner) and available for SPARQL queries.

Materialized Graph insight

Now your ontology can be also materialized and explored with OCNL (simple natural language queries). This allows to have a quick insight into instances and their relations in your ontology.

OWL2-RL validation

The OWL 2 RL profile was introduced for applications that require scalable reasoning without sacrificing too much expressive power. Fluent Editor will help you to quickly validate your ontology for compatibility with this profile. If an unconformity has been found it will assist you showing the exact reason.

OWL Annotations and SKOS

SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System) is a standardized way of represent controlled vocabularies, taxonomies and thesauri. Specifically, SKOS itself is an OWL ontology and it can be written out in any RDF syntax. Fluent Editor allows now to work and edit directly OWL annotations and SKOS. Annotations will processed also for referenced ontologies as well as imported/exported to OWL/RDF and can be processed on the server.

Protégé interoperability

Protégé is a great tool for editing ontologies allowing deep insight into the structure of the OWL ontology. Fluent Editor allows user to focus on actual meaning of the ontology (taxonomy, vocabulary, rule set, etc) being edited.
Those two tools can nicely collaborate. Now you can instantly synchronize view of the ontology between different windows of Fluent Editor and Protégé in one place. Just install the required plugin and the rest will be done with just one click – no matter which tool you are working with now.

R language package

R language ( is widely used tool for statistical analysis. Combining ontologies and statistics opens an efficient way for quantitative-qualitative analysis of data. Now you can use both approaches conveniently in a single place by using an R language package to access ontologies (rOntorion). rOntorion R package allows direct access to ontologies created with Fluent Editor and opens them for semantic processing in R environment.

R language plugins

You can not only develop analytical models with R and rOntorion but also build plugins for Fluent Editor with R language! It’s easy and straightforward. Plugins have direct access to the ontology within editor host and can use any available R package. Plugins can display graphical results or textual output directly in Fluent Editor.

Collaborative ontology management with Ontorion

With this release Fluent Editor can be used as a full-featured tool to edit and manage ontologies with an Ontorion Server database. You get all in one place: OWL/SWRL modularized editing, XML preview, annotations, remote taxonomy tree, remote SPARQL endpoint and server status. Multiple users can work with A-Box and T-Box on the server in a collaborative way. More information on this mode is provided with Ontorion server materials.

Custom Reasoners

Any OWLAPI compatible reasoner can be easily plugged into the Editor at runtime.

Performance improvements

Several performance improvements has been introduced in this release to make it even more convenient working with large ontologies.

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