Wednesday 17 September 2014

How to configure Linux for DataStax Enterpise

   This article is about configuration Ubuntu (Linux) for DataStax Enetrpise. DataStax Enterprise is a big data platform built on Apache Cassandra that manages real-time, analytics, and enterprise search data. DataStax Enterprise leverages Cassandra, Apache Hadoop, and Apache Solr to shift focus from the data infrastructure to using data strategically.
   For a Ubuntu (Linux) configuration for DataStax Enetrpise we need to install: OpenSSH server, Java, JCE, curl. Also, we should set static IP address and hostname, making it easier to identify resources on a network. The following section will explain how to properly configure system for name resolution using DNS, static hostname records and install the necessary software.

Tuesday 2 September 2014

Oncology App - Clinical Decision Support System

Hi, this is Ola form Cognitum. Today I will show you yet another problem which can be solved efficiently by CNL semantic technology.

The problem

Nowadays the medical knowledge is greater than ever. There are official medical guidelines that every doctor is obliged to follow. There are plenty of study cases and a lot of statistical data which help evaluate the probability of successful treatment. Every patient should have right to take advantage of most recent medical research. However, it is hard to do on daily basis. How can the doctor analyze all the books with medical data during patient's visit?

Our solution

Our Oncology Application guides the doctor throughout the patient’s visit. It suggests next steps of the therapy in accordance with up to date medical standards.
When the physician enters the essential information into the application, the system analyzes the clinical situation and tries to generate recommendations for the given condition. The recommendations are in accordance with European Society for Medical Oncology standards. It is the doctor who is still the most important in the decision making process but now he is aided with a professional tool analyzing the wealth of in-depth knowledge amassed in the field of medical oncology.

A Semantic Asset Managemet Application - Sample application with Ontorion™ Server

Hello, here's Jerzy from Cognitum. I would like to present you Corporate Asset Management - the sample web application co-working with Ontorion that we've just prepared. Ontorion gives us possibility to easily ask about knowledge described in Controlled Natural Language (CNL), modify knowledge or even get auto-complete, which makes it excellent development tool for semantic technologies. Using Silverlight we created user-friendly web application fluently communicating with Ontorion.

Let's start with Corporate Asset Management.

After logging in, you can see the Home page of the application. At first, it is only the Install button that is visible. Here is the very first application's contact with Ontorion. Ontorion is asked if the needed database is existing and of course gives a respond. So click Install. Now we are creating a database and writing knowledge into it. All the buttons become visible. Do not be afraid of Install. After clicking it one more time the application will ask Ontorion if the database exists and nothing wrong will be done. For this moment everything is looking like this.