Monday 4 August 2014

Use Cognitum ASP.NET Providers for Cassandra (Role, Membership, Session, Profile) in your application.

1.      About

My name is Karol and  I would like to show you how to implement ASP.NET providers (Role, Membership, Session, Profile) using Cassandra as a database. All necessary providers you can find on Cognitum ASP.NETProviders for Cassandra. What is important, you can easily use Cassandra Providers in your application to store providers’ data on Cassandra.
The solution implements Membership, Role, Profile and Session-State Store Providers. ASP.NET Membership enables you to manage user information and validate for your Web application. Role Provider mapping users to roles and provide methods to manage roles. Profile Provider expands information about user for new property. Session-State Provider serialize and deserialize session-state data and store them. Information about this providers you can find at MSDN:

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2.1.  Run application

You can run my application using MVC package application or source code.

    MVC application package