Monday 20 October 2014

Fluent Editor 2014 R1 available

So here it is: Fluent Editor 2014 R1

You may have noticed that Cognitum recently released a new version of Fluent Editor, a comprehensive ontology editor for OWL and SWRL.

The idea is still the same, but the software has been significantly rebuilt. Thanks to the great feedback from the community and dozens of ontologies both developed with Fluent Editor and reused/"consumed" with it, new version has many features improved to make it easier and more straightforward to work with existing ontologies and create new ones from scratch.

It’s all about productivity and simplicity while creating, editing and consuming ontologies.

New UI

New Fluent Editor cames with new User Interface that make user more familiar with Microsoft Office. The New UI allows for fast opening several ontologies at once, share them easily and navigate through them.

Thursday 9 October 2014


When developing semantic technologies with .Net, it is useful to have access to the OWL standard Api. As the OWL Api is written in Java, this is not always a simple task. Therefore we have created an open source project in Codeplex: OWL API for .Net.

OWLAPI.NET is an open source project that port the java OWLAPI in .Net. In this project we have included the scripts to compile (through IKVM) the OWLAPI library and the reasoners jar in Windows libraries (dll). Furthermore in this project we have a console test application, a .Net version of the Owl reasoner interface and the sample implementation of this interface for HermiT and Pellet.

In the console application, it is possible to test the reasoners and the examples from the OWLAPI examples.

Wednesday 8 October 2014

Ontorion SPARQL Tools for Excel

We have just released a SPARQL addin for Excel. This Addin has been developed by Cognitum as part of its semantic technology framework: Ontorion Server and Fluent Editor. Ontorion SPARQL Tools for Excel is a free Addin to MS Excel 2010 and 2013 and can be downloaded here. This addin has been designed to help people in the Knowledge Management business or people interested in the data available from SPARQL endpoints to easily import data from a SPARQL endpoint and/or an Ontorion Server. With the number of SPARQL endpoint growing year after year, this seems as a very important feature that was lacking in Excel until the present day. As you will see with our adding it is possible to do all of this with few single clicks.


Monday 6 October 2014

How to configure Windows Server 2008 for DSE

   This article is about the configuration of Windows Server 2008 with Kerberos authentication. Kerberos is an integral part of Windows 2008 Active Directory implementations, and anyone planning to deploy and maintain the enterprise NoSQL database e.g. DataStax Enterprise must should have a basic knowledge of the principals and administrative issues involved in this front-line security technology.
   If we want to configure Windows Server 2008 with Kerberos authentication we need to install: Web Server(IIS), DHCP Server, Active Directory Domain Server. Also, we should set static ip address, computer name, and configure all installed services. The following section will explain how to properly configure system for Kerebros authentication and install the necessary software.

Wednesday 1 October 2014

How to configure DataStax Enterprise

DataStax Enterprise

DataStax Enterprise is a NoSQL database platform that provides continuous availability, fast performance, strong security, and operational simplicity for the enterprise. Powered by Apache Cassandra, the exceptionally scalable and reliable NoSQL database, DataStax Enterprise tackles the complete spectrum of big data challenges that traditional databases and other NoSQL solutions can’t.

How to configure DataStax Enterpise