Monday 20 October 2014

Fluent Editor 2014 R1 available

So here it is: Fluent Editor 2014 R1

You may have noticed that Cognitum recently released a new version of Fluent Editor, a comprehensive ontology editor for OWL and SWRL.

The idea is still the same, but the software has been significantly rebuilt. Thanks to the great feedback from the community and dozens of ontologies both developed with Fluent Editor and reused/"consumed" with it, new version has many features improved to make it easier and more straightforward to work with existing ontologies and create new ones from scratch.

It’s all about productivity and simplicity while creating, editing and consuming ontologies.

New UI

New Fluent Editor cames with new User Interface that make user more familiar with Microsoft Office. The New UI allows for fast opening several ontologies at once, share them easily and navigate through them.

Easy sharing of ontologies

Now you can share your ontologies instantly with an email, export them to other formats or upload them directly to the server.

Xml Preview Window

Many users are familiar with XML OWL and RDF notations. They feel more comfortable when they see immediately the result of their work in a familiar format. Now you can instantly preview not only DL verbalization of edited phrase but also XML/OWL or XML/RDF verbalization of it. Just click on the phrase you wish to check:

Referenced ontologies even easier

A new import strategy for referenced ontologies has been developed to deal efficiently both with locally available and Internet ontologies in various formats. Remotely referenced ontologies are now used for autocomplete and hints. Performance and caching has been significantly improved. Also annotation are being available from referenced ontologies.

Datatypes and SWRL built-ins

Multiple Datatype facet is supported (greater-than 2, lower-than 10, that-has-lengtrh lower-than 3, that-matches-pattern 'a*b*').
Datatype definitions (Every value-of <datatype-name> is something that ...).
Universal Role is now represented by "<->"

Custom Reasoners

Now you can plugin any OWLAPI compatible reasoner to be used with Fluent Editor. With few simple steps one can make a compatible .dll and simply copy it to the Fluent Editor folder.

Custom Grammars

Also custom CNL grammars can be plugged in this way. Obviously creating a new grammar requires some extra knowledge and effort (but don’t hesitate to contact us) but is quite easy and straightforward. And what is most important, does not influence the whole system.
Below is a very simple example of working German CNL:


SWRL grammar has been rewriten to simplify sentence grammar and allow complex expressions (FE2 sentences are automatically translated in new version, so dont worry). 
It is worth to mention that Controlled Natural Language allows for much easier approach to edit SWRL rules and moreover, to make them much understandable for domain experts (e.g. medical experts, engineers, business analysts, etc) that works with ontologists. Here is an example from a medical domain. This is pure SWRL rule (it has direct representation in OWL/XML or RDF/XML):

Ref-1-Adj-No is a recommendation.
Ref-1-Adj-No has-description equal-to 'Adjuvant therapy should not be considered when the risk of relapse is low [link to]'.

If a patient has-risk-group Risk-Group-3-A-E and the patient is concerned by a histopathological-report-form then the histopathological-report-form has-recommendation Ref-1-Adj-No.

logical representation of this rule (on the right XML/SWRL verbalisation):

Here is another example of much more complicated SWRL rule that still can read and understood by domain expert (medical domain in this example):

If a patient has-mitotic-index lower-or-equal-to 5 and the patient has-tumor-information a tumor-info and the tumor-info has-tumor-size greater-than 50 and the tumor-info has-tumor-size lower-or-equal-to 100 and the tumor-info has-tumor-localization Oesophagus then the patient has-risk-group Risk-Group-3-A-E.

logical representation of this rule (on the right XML/SWRL verbalisation):

What's next?..

You may think that since this is R1 release we for sure have already planned R2... And you're right. R2 will came with few new features, e.g.:

  • embedded SPARQL engine to play instantly with your editing ontology
  • direct SKOS support
  • R language plugins to really enjoy quantitative-qualitative analysis driven by semantics
  • full interoperability with semantic server with focus on collaborative ontology editing
  • Interoperability features with popular semantic software

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