Monday 23 March 2015

Fluent Editor 2014 R3 - Diagrams, SWRL debugger, Active Rules emulator...

Recently we have published an updated release of the Fluent Editor 2014 with few new great features many of you have requested so far. We want to make ontology development even easier and pleasant task! With new Fluent Editor you can instantly visualize your ontologies, better inspect ontology ecosystem with references, trace down SWRL rules and simulate server behavior. Here’s what’s new:
  • Ontology Diagrams
  • Rereference Diagrams
  • Reference Explorer
  • SWRL Debugger
  • Active Rules emulator
  • Proxy Configuration
  • Performance improvements

Ontology Diagrams

R3 comes with a whole new functionality to visually represent ontology within the diagram. With one click User may display an interactive diagram of the edited ontology. Moreover User may materialize the ontology (using selected materialization profile) and instantly inspect the results.

Rereference Diagrams

References in the ontology (and their internal references) may also be shown on the graph now. This functionality is very helpful to inspect ontology dependences for complex scenarios. User may trace references even directly from the Internet.

Reference Explorer

Another helpful new functionality is Reference Explorer window. When user add some reference to the ontology he’s unfamiliar with, the common problem is to understand what the referenced ontology really ‘offers’. Currently Fluent Editor hints entities declared in referenced ontologies. Reference Explorer allows more explicitly browse currently used references and see what their content is.

SWRL Debugger

SWRL is a powerful mechanism to build actual ontologies and express complex conditional relations for instances. Yet it is quite intractable to trace, especially for larger ontologies. To support users while modeling with SWRL we’ve delivered first version of embedded SWRL debugger. In a brief it allows to inspect which rules were executed during materialization and what entities was substituted for their head clauses (and used in the body).

Active Rules emulator

Ontorion server is equipped with a powerful feature called ‘Active Rules’. In a brief it allows to deploy within the knowledge-base (on the server side) imperative code that will be executed when a certain conditions are met, expressed with the SWRL. Ontorion will secure that even in the clustered deployment each Active Rule is executed at most once and at least once. The body of the Active Rule may perform any arbitrary action or update the knowledge base! You may treat it as a way to ‘break the monotonicity’ of the Semantic Database.
Fluent Editor 2014 R3 allows to emulate the whole mechanism in place, right in the editor, along with knowledge modifications and external executables. Those rules then can be directly deployed with the Ontorion server.

Proxy Configuration

Last but not least new functionality is a Network Proxy configuration. Many enterprise environments requires configuring properly the available Proxy server to access Internet. Now User can do this configuration also in Fluent Editor. The Proxy will be used to access Internet for processing references, connecting to SPARQL, Ontorion deployments and checking for updates.

Performance improvements

Several performance improvements has been introduced in this release to make it even more convenient working with large ontologies.

More Resources:

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