Thursday 21 March 2013

When the cloud pays off?

Cloud (cloud computing) has recently become a buzz word. At this year's CeBIT in Hannover (the largest IT exhibition in the world), where we showed one of our solutions, many companies presented their services in the cloud, mainly lease infrastructure or applications. But is it just a fashionable term, or is it really a new quality?

When the cloud really pays off? Wherever utilization of computing power varies significantly over time and expanding own data-center does not belong to the core business. Examples?

  • Financial Industry: Generating monthly hundreds of thousands statement documents for the customers, transferring them electronically and archiving these documents for five years. In such a scenario, periodically, once a month, we need high computing power and large, secure data archive. With the cloud you pay only for what you use and we are able to fully scale solution to current needs. 
  • Maintain IT systems: Testing in the cloud. Instead of building up another data center to create a test environment, you can lease the infrastructure and systems necessary to reproduce it for the test and utilize of them only when they are needed. And in such size that reproduce reliably even large production environment. Cloud gives us the opportunity to virtualize the test process itself, so we can continuously monitor the availability of IT systems and study the behavior of systems under heavy load.
  • Market Research and PR: Monitoring and analysis of data from the Internet. With cloud computing, we can obtain large amounts of data from the Internet and effectively process them to get the interesting information (who, when, and how wrote about interesting topic; identifying opinion leaders; comparing the different channels of information; data collection and analysis of e-commerce; comparison activity of PR companies, brands, names, etc.). Azure cloud-based solution also allows for full integration with existing systems in the company (CRM, ERP, security), and all the obtained data remain the property of the company. 

Cognitum cooperates with Microsoft under prestigious Azure Circle program, where technology partners are invited with experience in Windows Azure. It provides IT solutions in the area of Cloud and BigData for customers both in Poland and abroad.


  1. Data consumption has multiplied in recent years, mostly due to the proliferation of over-the-top platforms, the proliferation of connected devices, and other government-led digital programs. Data use will increase as 5G rollouts take place. Telecom operators must modernize and alter their current network architecture to make it more flexible and effective in order to meet the increasing data use. In order to do this, the cloud has emerged as a crucial option, enabling operators to increase operational effectiveness and lower capital expenditures. Telcos are also investigating the cloud as a potential new source of income and assuming the position of cloud service providers for businesses. You can watch here : and Next: How To Play Your Mobile Games On The Big Screen for more.

  2. However, as with any new technology, it's important to weigh the potential risks and drawbacks as well. For example, there are concerns around data security and privacy when outsourcing storage to third-party providers.
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  3. Scalability and Flexibility: Cloud services allow businesses to easily scale their infrastructure and resources up or down as needed. This flexibility is particularly valuable for organizations with fluctuating demands or seasonal spikes in activity. If you are looking for care certificate workbook answers. I am here to help you out.

  4. The author provides insightful examples of damac bay 2 by cavalli when cloud computing can truly benefit businesses, such as in the financial industry for handling large-scale document generation and archiving, testing IT systems, and conducting market research and PR analysis. The flexibility and cost-efficiency of the cloud are highlighted, showcasing its potential as a valuable solution for various industries.

  5. Embracing cloud technology has proved its worth as a paradigm shift that pays off remarkably. The cloud's seamless scalability, accessibility, and streamlined collaboration have revolutionized industries, saving time and resources while bolstering productivity.
    Innovation Unleashed: The cloud's payoff extends beyond cost-efficiency, enabling businesses to innovate faster, deploy new services, and adapt to dynamic market demands, fostering growth in unprecedented ways.
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